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ekomersial mantap banget saya krg paham cara upload fotony tapi saya di ajar sampe bisa mantap dah murah+berkualitas gak malu saya ajak teman teman bergabung di ekomersial :D


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Brute force attack is password hacking method by guessing every possibilities. We can use Recaptcha to prevent brute force. Recaptcha use adaptive challenges to prevent bot from login and register on your website. This simple checkbox is easy for human, hard for bot. Recaptcha isn’t just for login. Recaptcha also useful for filtering spam comments. […]

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How to Properly Close Android Apps

How do you usually close Android app? Press home button? Do you know the app is still running on background? To check running apps on Android press menu button on bottom. If there are too many apps running will slow down phone and drain battery. It is a good habit to close app every after […]

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Disable Acrobat Reader Update

Sometime we would want to disable Acrobat Reader update for compatibility issue. Ie: Indonesia’s SPT eform require 32 bit Acrobat Reader. On 64 bit computer auto update can overwrite it to 64 bit version without confirmation. To keep 32 bit version we have to disable auto update. Steps to disable Acrobat Reader update:

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