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You do your business, we take care your server.
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trims buat pa suhery ya.. panduannya untuk buat website bagus. ditunggu pengembangan fasilitas e-komersial lainnya. sukses terus

Merry Magdalena

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KeyBCA App

KeyBCA is token used to generate apply-1 and apply-2 for BCA’s internet banking. BCA has launch KeyBCA app. KeyBCA app has its pros and cons. Pros:1. Eliminate expensive Rp 50.000 out of battery token replacement.2. Less device.3. Approval history. Cons:1. It might not be the safest bet to carry token everywhere.2. More difficult to delegate […]

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Digital SIM

Digital Korlantas Polri is an app for renew SIM online. Install it from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=id.qoin.korlantas.user The first step is to register digital SIM. The app have 3 options: Either of these options are same is just to input driver license number. Then save. If successful, SIM will appear on app. Repeat the process for […]

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Change Mail Server

Sometime mail provider may change server domain. Or maybe changing provider. Webmail user is automatically updated because it is server side. Because mail client settings are saved on local, user may need to update settings. Step to change mail server: Thunderbird Android

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