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You do your business, we take care your server.
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Domain name is your website address.
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thank's ekomersial akhirnya sy pnya website sendiri Low Price... Good quality Recommended dech :)


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Whatsapp Group Invitation

Whatsapp allow everyone to invite you to group by default. Even worse Whatsapp doesn’t have approve or reject confirmation button for group invitation. When anyone invite you, you instantly in the group. This sometime can be annoying when some random peoples invite you to unrelated group. To override this default behaviour, you can change in […]

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Minimum Password Length

How long is your password? 8? Most of site today require minimum password length of 8 characters. How long it take to crack the password by brute force? The result might shock you. It only need 5 hours to crack a 8 characters password. Minimum is just a minimum. We need more length for a […]

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Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 has been end of life since January 14th, 2020. As the result, some software such as Outlook began cease to work. Encryption is always update to improve security. As it update, old encryption became obselete. Clients facing encryption issue on Windows 7 Outlook can use www.thunderbird.net as mail client or event better upgrade […]

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