HTTP will Become a Thing of The Past

The Internet want to make HTTP become a thing of the past in order to make internet a safer place to surf. Starting October 2017, Chrome version 62 will show “Not Secure” warning when user enter text in a form on a HTTP page.

Because Chrome has largest browser market share, website owner have no choice but to use HTTPS to settle in market. HTTPS also help in search engine ranking. Currently 30% of search result is HTTPS. Maybe a decade from now, all websites will be using HTTPS.

New Domain Extension

Due to domain name shortage, registry launch new domain extension. Earlier we often see business’s industry attached on domain suffix. Example:

This is sometime caused by exact domain name has been taken by other. The registrant has no choice but to add business’s industry to domain suffix.

With new domain, registrant no longer have to add business’s industry to domain suffix. The domain extension is self explanatory. Result in shorter domain. Example:


Customer will instantly recognize the domain industry. As new domain, there is more good domain name choice available compared with old popular .com domain. It is very difficult to search for a good .com domain now. Most of them has been registered or auctioned for expensive price. New domain extension open up more possibilities.

Complete list of new domain extensions:


Unlimited Web Hosting

It all start from web hosting provider war. Web hosting A offer 1 GB package, Web hosting B offer 2 GB package, web hosting A increase to 3 GB package, and soon. Until one of web hosting provider offer unlimited web hosting as they think others can not get any higher than this. Other web hosting providers have no choice but to follow with unlimited web hosting to join in the competition.

When we go to computer store, there is no unlimited size hardisk. Same goes with the server, all servers in the world have limited disk space. So how did they offer unlimited web hosting? It is a gimmick. They don’t limit on disk space, but limit on inode instead. Inode is like files count in Unix.

Most of unlimited web hosting are actually limited. Dedicated server data center collocation cost over one hundred bucks per month. They wouldn’t want you to use entire 1 TB server disk space alone with just paying ten bucks per month. Average web hosting package that cost around ten bucks have around 10 GB limit disk space.

Once you past their “limit”, usually they will send email to you. At this point you only have 2 choices: upgrade to VPS hosting / dedicated server or account will being suspended.

The conclusion is there is no real unlimited web hosting in the world. Fixed disk space with certainty or unlimited disk space with uncertainty. You choose.

.id Domain ID Card Requirement Removed

Starting August 1st 2017, .id domain registration don’t require ID Card anymore. For years, .id domain registration have complicated requirement. Sometime it cause registration delayed because requirement documents need to be uploaded.

Free Web Hosting

Before I start Web Hosting business, I were also a Web Hosting customer. Initially I search for free Web Hosting on internet to host my website. There is bunch of them that offer “free” Web Hosting. I started to try to use some of them. Unfortunately all of them have a lot of limitation:

  • Insufficient space.
  • Account is subject to delete on inactivity.
  • Require visitor target.
  • Contain ads.

None of them are feasible to use. Lastly I decide to move to one of paid Web Hosting service. Finally I can host my website and use domain email comfortably.

One of client asked for free Web Hosting. The short answer is: can his computer on without electricity? Long answer: Web Hosting server basically a computer that need electricity, just larger. Web Hosting subscription fee is required to cover the cost of electricity, internet bandwidth just like your mobile phone monthly cost.

The conclusion is there is no real free Web Hosting in the world.

Era of Online Store Trend

Trading transactions in a number of conventional retail markets are getting decreased. Glodok was once the largest electronic market in Indonesia. WTC Mangga Dua was once the largest computer sales center in Indonesia. Roxy Square was once a mobile phone mall. These malls have a lot of stalls closed by its owner now.

Many conventional retailers moving to online store. They can online from home, so no need of physical store.

Online store conveniences attract many retailers into online market. Online selling is considered more efficient, save stall rent cost millions of rupiah monthly.

Store is limited by opening hour. While online store is open 24 hours available for consumer to shop. Owner have to hire employees as shop kepper. With online store, owner just sit relax wait for order notification and deliver goods.

Consumer shift from conventional store to online store caused by mobile phone. Mobile phone is a must have gadget for every young generation.

Facebook Verified Page

Creating a Facebook page is free. Facebook page is a powerful social marketing tool. A business can utilize Facebook page to reach thousand of customers.

We can make our page even more powerful. Facebook provide verified page feature. Verified Pages show up higher in search results and will attract more visitors. Verified page have verified badge on right of page name. Verified icon can increase customer trust.


To make our page verified:

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Click Settings menu on top right.
  3. Under General menu, find Page Verification, then click Edit.
  4. Enter phone number. Facebook system will call you and give verification code.
  5. Enter the verification code and now your page has been verified.

Email Return Receipt

Do you know email also have receipt? You probably ever receive email with additional return receipt notification. Yes, the sender was want to know if you have receive and read the email. Email return receipt is a useful feature that allow we to know whether recipient has receive and read the email.

It is possible to set email return receipt. Here is how to turn on email return receipt:

  1. Login to webmail.
  2. Click Settings icon.
  3. Under Preferences > Composing Messages, check Always request a return receipt.
  4. Click Save button.

Next time you send email, the recipient will receive return receipt notification. Now you can know whether the recipient has received your email or not. Take a note that you will only receive the return receipt only if the recipient click send receipt button.

How to Check Email was Successfully Sent

Email that was successfully received by recipient’s mail server is silently sent without warning message. If you receive bounceback email, that mean your mail server is telling you they failed to deliver the email. There is several cause that make email failed for example: email doesn’t exist, this may caused by mistyped email address. Make sure you recheck the email address or confirm with the recipient.

cPanel have Mail Delivery Report that allow to check email was successfully sent or not. To search email delivery status:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under Email section, click Track Delivery icon.
  3. Enter Recipient Email and click Show All button.

All email with entered recipient will be shown.



There is several coloums show usefull information. The email delivery status can be seen on Result coloum. Event column contains an icon that indicates the email’s delivery status:

successThe system delivered the email successfully.

unknownThe email’s status is unknown, or delivery is in progress.

deferredThe email was deferred.

errorThe email encountered a delivery error.

blacklistThe email was rejected at SMTP time. This typically occurs because the sender’s server is configured insecurely or is listed on a RBL.

More informations are available on magnifying glass icon.

How to Rank 1 on Google

Client was asking how to rank 1 on Google? How much do they have to pay to rank 1 on Google? The answer is free. Google have officially stated they don’t accept money to rank site on search result and no one can guarantee rank 1 on Google. It is like how you startup your business in real world, there is no instant way to be number 1, it need consistent effort and time. You might be curious why Google won’t receive money to put a website on rank 1? They will get a lot of money from big companies are willing to pay to be rank 1 on Google. Because Google selling trust. Their trusted search result is what bring them to be number 1 on internet now. With the massive traffic, they earn even more money from Ads.

Google search algorithm use more than 200 criteria including terms on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank. It really depend on your website reputation. What you need to do is creating quality pages. As many people like your page, they will link or share with their friends thus increase your website reputation. With persistent effort, your website rank will increase overtime untill rank 1. It is like in real world you ask where is the nice place to eat, then your friend will naturally tell you a reputable restaurant. Below is cartoon illustrating the basic principle of PageRank. The size of each face is proportional to the total size of the other faces which are pointing to it

Search result is changed dynamically. Once you make it to rank 1, it doesn’t mean you wear the king crown forever. Competitors are attempted to take rank 1 position. You need to keep improving and innovating to keep rank 1 title.