Change Mail Server

Sometime mail provider may change server domain. Or maybe changing provider. Webmail user is automatically updated because it is server side. Because mail client settings are saved on local, user may need to update settings. Step to change mail server:


  1. Click on 3 strips Menu icon on top > Account Settings.
  2. Locate your email account and click Server Settings.
  3. Change Server Name with Eg: if your domain is then it is
  4. Save.
  5. On left panel scroll until bottom and click Outgoing Server (SMTP).
  6. Click on your mail account > Edit.
  7. Change Server Name with same as above.
  8. Click OK.


  1. Click on 3 strips Menu icon on top.
  2. Click on Gear icon.
  3. Click on your email account.
  4. Click Server settings.
  5. Change IMAP server and SMTP server with Eg: if your domain is then it is
  6. Click Done.

Digital KTP

Starting 2024, Indonesia’s government will not print new KTP card. Install Identitas Kependudukan Digital to get digital KTP. First of all, this must be done on Disdukcapil. Link to install Identitas Kependudukan Digital:

Go to Disdukcapil and follow through registration desk. This app also have integrated digital Kartu Keluarga if you already have electronic Kartu Keluarga.

.id Alphanumeric EPP Code

The new Pandi’s .id domain rule only allow alphanumeric EPP code. That is a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. Old domains EPP code may still contain symbols. That will cause domain transfer failed with error 2005: Parameter value syntax error (DomainAuthInfoType: alphanumeric). If you have this error, request new alphanumeric EPP code to registrar. Repeat domain transfer with the new EPP code.

Avoid Phishing Email

Phishing email is a type of fraud where an attacker send a fraudulent email by masquerading sender email as looks like it sent from official website. For example our domain is

Official: John <>
Phising: John <>

Phishing is dangerous if not observed carefully. Steps to mitigate phising email on platform:

Click on sender name to reveal sender email address.

Roundcube Webmail
1. Click on cogwheel icon on left.
2. On Preferences > Displaying Messages. Switch on Show email address with display name.
3. Click Save button.

Sender email address automatically displayed behind sender name as Sender Name <> format.

Now sender email address displayed along with sender name. We can check the domain if the email is from official website. If you found phishing email, do not click any link and delete the email immediately.


Brute force attack is password hacking method by guessing every possibilities. We can use Recaptcha to prevent brute force. Recaptcha use adaptive challenges to prevent bot from login and register on your website.

This simple checkbox is easy for human, hard for bot.

Recaptcha isn’t just for login. Recaptcha also useful for filtering spam comments. So that only legitimate users will be able to comment.

Security is our top priority. All of our web development packages included Recaptcha for your website security.

How to Properly Close Android Apps

How do you usually close Android app? Press home button? Do you know the app is still running on background?

To check running apps on Android press menu button on bottom. If there are too many apps running will slow down phone and drain battery.

It is a good habit to close app every after use. Rule of thumb is only keep one app running at a time. Unless you are doing transaction between apps. This way you use battery efficiently and last longer.

How to properly close Android apps:

Disable Acrobat Reader Update

Sometime we would want to disable Acrobat Reader update for compatibility issue. Ie: Indonesia’s SPT eform require 32 bit Acrobat Reader. On 64 bit computer auto update can overwrite it to 64 bit version without confirmation. To keep 32 bit version we have to disable auto update.

Steps to disable Acrobat Reader update:

Domain Email

Some of our clients that use free email have complained that they were spoofed. Since anyone can register free email, it is very easy to be spoofed. For example:

Hurricane company have email:

John create a look alike email: and send email to Hurricane’s customer. If not careful, the customer will think that they got email from Hurricane company.

Gmail have billions of users thus it is very hard to find available good email address. You might end up with email like With domain email, you can create a clean and easy to remember email address like

Using domain email have many benefits:

  1. Authentic. Domain email is less likely to be spoofed.
  2. Looks professional. Increase customer trust and sales.
  3. Good email address. Exact real name as email address.
  4. Drive traffics to website. Clients can follow website from email address.
  5. Unlimited email accounts.

Order email domain now

Whatsapp Group Invitation

Whatsapp allow everyone to invite you to group by default. Even worse Whatsapp doesn’t have approve or reject confirmation button for group invitation. When anyone invite you, you instantly in the group. This sometime can be annoying when some random peoples invite you to unrelated group.

To override this default behaviour, you can change in privacy setting:

Now only poeple you know may invite you to group.

Minimum Password Length

How long is your password? 8? Most of site today require minimum password length of 8 characters. How long it take to crack the password by brute force? The result might shock you.

It only need 5 hours to crack a 8 characters password. Minimum is just a minimum. We need more length for a more secure password. Combining lowercase, uppercase, number, symbol dramatically increase numbers of variation to guess. Each characters added to password boost crack time exponentially.

We need to choose sustainable password that crack time exceed owner’s lifetime. That is 12 characters.

Remember, over years, password weaken as computational power increase. We may need to increase minimum password length in the future.