Credit Simulation

Loan interest calculator.

Credit Simulation is a practical loan interest calculator. Credit Simulation can be used by consumer to simulate down payment and monthly installment. Adjust down payment as much as possible, choose periods as short as possible to get the most affordable price.

Credit Simulation can also be used by house, vehicle, gadget, home appliances sales. Sales can offer credit simulation to customer anywhere. Credit Simulation’s flexibility support all types of interest rate calculation:

  1. Annuity. Interest based on rest of loan amount. Monthly installment adjusted in a fixed manner. Usually used on house loan.
  2. Flat. Interest based on total amount of loan. Monthly installment is fixed. Usually used on vehicle and other unsecured credit.
  3. Effective. Interest based on rest of loan amount. Monthly installment will decrease with each month. Usually used on house loan.

Credit Simulation automatically calculate down payment based on down payment percent input. Credit Simulation support from short term 6 months gadget installments to long term 15 years house installments. Credit Simulation can calculate any given interest rate from finance company.