Fast, user friendly, and efficient note.

enote is on-the-go note aim for speed, simplicity in efficient way. When you are ouside and someone tell you address, where will you save? enote come to rescue. Open enote and type it, it is that simple. In event you are hurry and forgot to save, don’t worry enote got your back, it will auto save it.

enote is very suitable for saving booking id, todo list, guide, website link, etc anything you need to remember later. Grab booking id then paste on enote with single click, no more waiting long press.

To copy data on enote, simply put cursor on word, click select button. It automatically select entire word. Then single click to copy. It is that simple. No more long press, messy highlight cursor, and prone to wrong click pop up menu.

Use enote, save paper, save the Earth.