Avoid Phishing Email

Phishing email is a type of fraud where an attacker send a fraudulent email by masquerading sender email as looks like it sent from official website. For example our domain is ekomersial.com:

Official: John <john@ekomersial.com>
Phising: John <john@somedomain.xyz>

Phishing is dangerous if not observed carefully. Steps to mitigate phising email on platform:

Click on sender name to reveal sender email address.

Roundcube Webmail
1. Click on cogwheel icon on left.
2. On Preferences > Displaying Messages. Switch on Show email address with display name.
3. Click Save button.

Sender email address automatically displayed behind sender name as Sender Name <senderemail@domain.com> format.

Now sender email address displayed along with sender name. We can check the domain if the email is from official website. If you found phishing email, do not click any link and delete the email immediately.

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