Domain Email

Some of our clients that use free email have complained that they were spoofed. Since anyone can register free email, it is very easy to be spoofed. For example:

Hurricane company have email:

John create a look alike email: and send email to Hurricane’s customer. If not careful, the customer will think that they got email from Hurricane company.

Gmail have billions of users thus it is very hard to find available good email address. You might end up with email like With domain email, you can create a clean and easy to remember email address like

Using domain email have many benefits:

  1. Authentic. Domain email is less likely to be spoofed.
  2. Looks professional. Increase customer trust and sales.
  3. Good email address. Exact real name as email address.
  4. Drive traffics to website. Clients can follow website from email address.
  5. Unlimited email accounts.

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