KeyBCA App

KeyBCA is token used to generate apply-1 and apply-2 for BCA’s internet banking. BCA has launch KeyBCA app. KeyBCA app has its pros and cons.

1. Eliminate expensive Rp 50.000 out of battery token replacement.
2. Less device.
3. Approval history.

1. It might not be the safest bet to carry token everywhere.
2. More difficult to delegate to representative.

Regardless of pros and cons, looking at development path KeyBCA maybe discontinue on future. It is a good habit to migrate earlier.

To use KeyBCA app, we must first unlink KeyBCA token:
1. Login to
2. Click the settings icon on the top right.
3. Select the Connect KeyBCA menu.
4. Select Change KeyBCA.
5. Select the e-Banking mobile number to be used and enter the APPLI-1 response from the physical KeyBCA, then click Continue.

After unliked, KeyBCA token will be deemed useless.

Install KeyBCA app from Google Play:
1. Open the KeyBCA app, click Set Up Now. Agree to the terms and conditions, click Next.
2. Enter your 16 digit ATM card number, click Verify Account.
3. Verify by SMS.
4. Create a 6-digit PIN that will be used to log in and approve transactions through the KeyBCA app.
5. Confirm PIN, click Verify Account.
6. Verify yourself by taking a photo of yourself, click Next.
7. Verify by entering the OTP code sent via SMS.

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