Override Windows Default Print Screen Button to Snip & Sketch

After taking screenshot, sometimes we need to crop the image on parts that we don’t want to show. There is more efficient way to do it. Windows 10 come with Snip & Sketch, a print screen tool.

We can override default Print Screen button behaviour to open Snip & Sketch automatically:

Snip & Sketch offer 4 different powerful print screen type:

  1. Rectangular snip. This is particularly useful for showing a part of window.
  2. Freeform snip. This can be useful for liquid shaped object.
  3. Window snip. Use this to take screenshot of a window. Snip & Sketch will automatically crop area outside of window.
  4. Fullscreen snip. Take full screen screenshot.

Print screen result is automatically pasted on Snip & Sketch. We can draw highlight mark if needed. We can also directly share the screenshot as email attachment.

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