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Before I start Web Hosting business, I were also a Web Hosting customer. Initially I search for free Web Hosting on internet to host my website. There is bunch of them that offer “free” Web Hosting. I started to try to use some of them. Unfortunately all of them have a lot of limitation:

  • Insufficient space.
  • Account is subject to delete on inactivity.
  • Require visitor target.
  • Contain ads.

None of them are feasible to use. Lastly I decide to move to one of paid Web Hosting service. Finally I can host my website and use domain email comfortably.

One of client asked for free Web Hosting. The short answer is: can his computer on without electricity? Long answer: Web Hosting server basically a computer that need electricity, just larger. Web Hosting subscription fee is required to cover the cost of electricity, internet bandwidth just like your mobile phone monthly cost.

The conclusion is there is no real free Web Hosting in the world.

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