How to Check Email was Successfully Sent

Email that was successfully received by recipient’s mail server is silently sent without warning message. If you receive bounceback email, that mean your mail server is telling you they failed to deliver the email. There is several cause that make email failed for example: email doesn’t exist, this may caused by mistyped email address. Make sure you recheck the email address or confirm with the recipient.

cPanel have Mail Delivery Report that allow to check email was successfully sent or not. To search email delivery status:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under Email section, click Track Delivery icon.
  3. Enter Recipient Email and click Show All button.

All email with entered recipient will be shown.



There is several coloums show usefull information. The email delivery status can be seen on Result coloum. Event column contains an icon that indicates the email’s delivery status:

successThe system delivered the email successfully.

unknownThe email’s status is unknown, or delivery is in progress.

deferredThe email was deferred.

errorThe email encountered a delivery error.

blacklistThe email was rejected at SMTP time. This typically occurs because the sender’s server is configured insecurely or is listed on a RBL.

More informations are available on magnifying glass icon.

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