How to Rank 1 on Google

Client was asking how to rank 1 on Google? How much do they have to pay to rank 1 on Google? The answer is free. Google have officially stated they don’t accept money to rank site on search result and no one can guarantee rank 1 on Google. It is like how you startup your business in real world, there is no instant way to be number 1, it need consistent effort and time. You might be curious why Google won’t receive money to put a website on rank 1? They will get a lot of money from big companies are willing to pay to be rank 1 on Google. Because Google selling trust. Their trusted search result is what bring them to be number 1 on internet now. With the massive traffic, they earn even more money from Ads.

Google search algorithm use more than 200 criteria including terms on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank. It really depend on your website reputation. What you need to do is creating quality pages. As many people like your page, they will link or share with their friends thus increase your website reputation. With persistent effort, your website rank will increase overtime untill rank 1. It is like in real world you ask where is the nice place to eat, then your friend will naturally tell you a reputable restaurant. Below is cartoon illustrating the basic principle of PageRank. The size of each face is proportional to the total size of the other faces which are pointing to it

Search result is changed dynamically. Once you make it to rank 1, it doesn’t mean you wear the king crown forever. Competitors are attempted to take rank 1 position. You need to keep improving and innovating to keep rank 1 title.

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