Start a Web Hosting Company


I have a mission. It is impossible for me to accomplish this mission all by myself. Through reseller hosting, I want to share my mission with you and show you that it is a very doable mission, only if we do it together.

Reseller hosting is provided to equip you with a proper knowledge and to guide you to establish a complete working hosting company platform so that you can turn the very place (village, town, city, island, country, or continent) where you live now… O N L I N E.

It is simply impossible for a single company or a single man to take on the world and switch them ONLINE. But, it can be done! Yes, we can do that, together we can do that.

Am I crazy? No I am not. I am just a single man with a mission. God gave me a dream one night to turn the whole world ONLINE. Well, how am I going to do that? I honestly don’t know, but I think through this reseller hosting, I am one step closer to accomplishing what my Creator has put in my heart. I surely hope you can also have a taste of this dream when it comes to reality.

I will try my best to pour out to you everything that I know, all the valuable and important knowledge which I acquired in the past 2 years of my career running a hosting company. I want you to absorb and download what I have in me now to create a much better me in you.

All the lessons and knowledge I put in reseller hosting is gained through a real life experience starting, managing, growing, and selling my very own hosting company. I want to transfer that knowledge all to you because I have too much of a mission to carry alone. The only way to accomplish my mission is to share it with as many people as possible so together we can make this mission a reality.

The mission is simple and very much doable, that is to bring every businesses all over the world, no matter where they are, to have their own website presence. Your mission is to initially cover your own local area and to start your business locally then grow it world-wide.

There is one very important key: There is no such thing as “fast money”. I will try my best to guide you through reseller hosting so that you can reach your own success. There is one thing that I ask you to get rid of before we begin, forget about getting rich quick and easy, there is no such thing. I will guide you down the narrow path, the hard path, the right path, the path to true prosperity and success.

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