Unlimited Web Hosting

It all start from web hosting provider war. Web hosting A offer 1 GB package, Web hosting B offer 2 GB package, web hosting A increase to 3 GB package, and soon. Until one of web hosting provider offer unlimited web hosting as they think others can not get any higher than this. Other web hosting providers have no choice but to follow with unlimited web hosting to join in the competition.

When we go to computer store, there is no unlimited size hardisk. Same goes with the server, all servers in the world have limited disk space. So how did they offer unlimited web hosting? It is a gimmick. They don’t limit on disk space, but limit on inode instead. Inode is like files count in Unix.

Most of unlimited web hosting are actually limited. Dedicated server data center collocation cost over one hundred bucks per month. They wouldn’t want you to use entire 1 TB server disk space alone with just paying ten bucks per month. Average web hosting package that cost around ten bucks have around 10 GB limit disk space.

Once you past their “limit”, usually they will send email to you. At this point you only have 2 choices: upgrade to VPS hosting / dedicated server or account will being suspended.

The conclusion is there is no real unlimited web hosting in the world. Fixed disk space with certainty or unlimited disk space with uncertainty. You choose.

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