Whois is a method for checking information about ownership of a domain. ICANN require domain owner to provide accurate name, organization, address, phone, fax, and email identity for every domain registration, and these information must be publicly available on Whois. Today, many free web based Whois lookup services available on internet make Whois information is vulnerable to spammers, marketers, identity thieves.

ID Protect masking Whois information without breach ICANN rules.

ID Protect is available as domain add-on on domain registration. With only Rp 79.000 / year, your Whois information is safe from spammers.

Client pay domain registration fee, therefore they deserve the domain ownership, sadly there is many hosting enter whois information with hosting identity, probably afraid to lose the domain. With such condition client will have difficulty if they want to transfer domain to other hosting if the hosting don’t want to give the EPP code and unlock the domain. ekomersial.com honor client’s domain ownership and always enter whois information with client’s identity.

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